Proactive and Holistic
MAC W Corporation is a proactive organization taking a full and comprehensive view of every aspect of a project and do not confine ourselves to quantity surveying issues. This provides clients with an excellent basis for obtaining value for money.

Our approach includes:

• Exceptional Service - focusing on providing exceptional client service marked by flexibility, adaptability, expertise, accuracy and timeliness.

• Building Relationship - gaining a thorough understanding of the clients' needs and the goals of the project.

• Active Communication - keeping in touch and providing customized and easy to follow reports and presentations with an emphasis on listening and receiving feedback.

• Team Work - collaborating with designers and other consultants.

• Performance - committing to meeting deadlines by utilizing every resource available and without hesitation when required.

•  Loyalty - acting in the interest of our clients so that you can be assured of our complete loyalty in dealing with contractors.

•  Technology - maximizing our efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology.

•  Extensive Research - keeping up to date with industrial developments including precedents, statutory changes, innovative procurement methods, construction techniques and specialized projects.

•  Analysis and Records analyzing every project to continually build on our in-house historical cost records to assist in cost modeling and maintaining building cost indices to monitor and forecast trends in market pricing.

•  Continual improvement -continually building on our core competencies through internal and external training.

Scope of Services

Management boundary and construction preparation (Pre Contract)

•  Project planning is a first step for a project leader who will study, aim target to build up architecture and also arrange meeting for involved teamwork such as project owner, project owner representative, architect, engineer, and system engineer etc. This is to find out the best solution that will lead the project to the aimed goal.

•  To create and investigate budget estimation (Bill of Quantity) following CSI standard and break down the detail and price of whole project into *(C.S.I. ( Construction Specification Institute ) type of material Master Format and construction methodology that will be used in that particular project.

•  Cost and budgetary Control will be utilized to make less expense as much as possible, but our goal is not to impact to conceptual design, contractor abilities, and cost of material and labor etc.

•  To investigate pre-qualify contractors, designers, and project managers by inviting them to propose and present their site reference to be initially considered whether that particular company would qualify and fit into the project or not

•  Contractor selection and Bidding Process: This process will start after Pre-Qualify process to consider between project owner, designer and project manager. Project manager will provide (or sell) Proposal form including blueprint, detail specification to all contractors for bidding process propose.

When all contractors submitted their proposal, project manager will evaluate the proposal in different aspects. Then, provide these reports to project owner to be considered and select contractor. Negotiation and Q&A Process may be needed as well.

•  Contract sign-on process will be started when project owner make final decision. Project manager will properly and wisely arrange contract related to the project including to any documents between project owner and banks. These draft contracts will be provided to project owner and designer to finalize. If there is nothing change, all party related to this project will sign-on the contract.

Project manager will check and recommend project owner in purchasing including prepare detail of quotation of each suppliers for analysis and suggestion to present to project owner and issue document for purchasing purpose which is the same process as contractors selection process.


Construction Control

• Prepare a proper teamwork to be on site and ready to work.

•  Project manager will have to control whole tasks against the blueprint and specification as mentioned on the contract agreement and construction management as long as the timeline of construction

•  Check and approve “Shop drawing and” “As-Built Drawing” of the project that project manager created.

•  Check and approve contractor's tasks. This information will be used for consideration of contract agreement and each payment paid.

•  To daily record of what contractor has done a day to be criteria for considering when any conflict occurred.

•  Create monthly progress reports to show the progress of operation/problems and plan to solve the problem as well as the plan for next month. These reports will be created in different format such as graph and images which will be used for monthly progress.

•  Summarize the result including inspect in detail of purchasing order ( Receive, check and approve delivery document from contractors. If there is nothing wrong, project manager will pass all document to project owner to sign off of that certain task.)

•  Arrange weekly working group site meeting between each division. This is to coordinate and collaborate to effectively solve all the problem occurred in time and also arrange project monthly meeting by inviting designer, project owner, project manager and contractor to summarize and propose any new plan needed.

•  Prepare, improve and update all forms including “Change Order, Shop Drawing, sample of material to be used, and information of the methodology that will be used for each process. All documents will be used for approval process or changes (increase or decrease) that may be needed between project owner, designer and contractor. These documents will be prepared and be ready to present at all times.

•  In case project owner needs any drawing change or material change that will impact to the cost of construction. Project manager will prepare base price for project owner to negotiate with contractor before making any change order. This is to keep benefit of project owner.

•  Project manager will consider and check the quality of material that contractor will use to meet the specification on drawing. If project manager found out any unmatched items or quality lower than the specification, project manager will record and report to contractor to solve the problem. Unmatched items will be replaced with different item, but same specification. However, this information needs to be informed to project owner and be approved later.

•  If contractors find a new material or methodology that can be used to benefit project owner or decrease the budget of project, project manager will investigate and do analysis to find out advantage and disadvantage to designer or contractor to consider if needed.

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